Fars province is known as the cradle of Iran culture and civilization, due to its unique historical and cultural background. The province recorded around 3000 monuments on the National Heritage list, and ranks first in the country in terms of having cultural and historical monuments. The existence of Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as: Pasargadae, Persepolis, Pasargadae Persian Gardens ( date back to Achaemenid era), Eram garden, as well as historical cities of Anshan and Malian ( date back to Elamite era), historical cities of Istakhr, Bishapour, Goor, Sarmashhad, Darabgerd, and more than 30 Sassanian bas-reliefs indicate the historical importance of this province. To many, Shiraz is simply the most pleasant of the large Iranian cities, with relaxed, cultivated and generous inhabitants, wide tree-lined avenues, and monuments to two of the greatest poets in the Persian language. It’s easy to like Shiraz and its friendly, unassuming people. There are a number of imposing buildings from various periods of Iranian architecture, but especially from its days as capital under Karim khan. Shiraz was one of the most important cities in the mediaeval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital during the Zand dynasty from 1753 to 1794. Many of its most beautiful buildings were built or restored in that period. The two most famous Persian poets were born and lived in Shiraz – Hafez(1324 to 1389 A.D.) and Sa’di(1207 to 1291 A.D.). Both have a famous mausoleum here. Through its many artists and scholars, Shiraz has been synonymous with learning, nightingales, poetry and roses. For several centuries, even after the end of the Mongol period in Iran, its artists and scholars went out as cultural emissaries both inside and outside the country. The most noteworthy was Ostad Isa. A 10th-century A.H, Shiraz architect who provided the design for the Taj Mahal in India.

Places of interest nearby the hotel

-Karim Khan Castle

-Vakil Bazaar

-Vakil Mosque

-Vakil Bath

-Vakil Reservoir

-Moshir Courtyard


-Toopkhaneh Square

– Pars Museum

Popular landmarks

-Pasargadae (Tomb of Cyrus the Great)


-Tombs of Artaxerxes I and Darius II, Naqsh-e Rostam


-Atiq Mosque

-Shah-e-Cheragh (King of Lights) Shrine

– Ali-e-bne Hamzeh Shrine

-Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

-Armenian Church

-Hafez Tomb

-Sa’di Tomb

-Quran Gate

-Afif-Abad Garden (Military Museum)

-Eram Botanical Garden

-Jahan-Nama Garden

-Naranjestan-e-Ghavam Garden

-Delgosha Garden

-Shahpouri House

-Khan School

-Zinat ol Molk Mansion

-Ghavam ol Molk Mansion

-Saadat Mansion

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